Pasadena Spousal Support Termination

Spousal support obligations do not last forever. Spousal support obligations expire when a party to a divorce passes away, or when the party who was receiving spousal support remarries. All of this can be evaded if the parties agree in writing, of course. If spousal support is to endure remarriage of the supported party, the provision has to be absolutely clear. If a term is unclear, outside evidence can be introduced in court to clear up any unclarity.

If the marriage was not “of long duration”, then the provision’s stated period determines how long the payments last, unless the court retains jurisdiction in the spousal support order to extend it beyond the period. For a long-duration marriage, the court can lengthen the support term. This of course can be altered by the parties through a written agreement.

When a court makes an order on spousal support or when the parties come to an agreement on said spousal support, the parties must be represented with attorneys who aggressively and assertively ensure their respective party’s intentions are manifested in exceedingly clear terms. What goes down in writing in the agreement or court order will echo years, sometimes decades.

That is why an experienced family law attorney is a crucial aspect in determining how the spousal support order will affect the parties today, and for the many years to come. Patrick Baghdaserians has litigated and negotiated countless spousal support orders and agreements, seeing how they impact his clients currently and years later. He is well-versed in ensuring the proper terms are inserted in these spousal support orders and agreements to guarantee his clients receive above and beyond what they were expecting.

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