Pasadena Multi-State Issues

Family law can become exceptionally complex when matters cross state lines. If you are going through a divorce and have moved out of state or if you are a custodial parent wishing to relocate, it is imperative you seek immediate counsel.

The Pasadena multi-state issues attorneys of the Baghdaserians Law Group, Inc understand the impact crossing state lines can have on your case. In matters of child relocation, the consequences can be significant.

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Why Choose the Baghdaserians Law Group, Inc?

Our family law attorneys work tirelessly for our client’s best interests. At the Baghdaserians Law Group, Inc, we consider all factors in the case and use that knowledge to streamline matters for success.

Firm Principal, Patrick Baghdaserians, is a certified family law specialist. He is one of the youngest State Bar certified specialists in California. He has extensive experience in the courtroom, handling all types of family law up to the California Court of Appeal. Attorney Baghdaserians has gained distinction for his dedication and fever to the practice of family law, starting his own practice in 2019.

The Baghdaserians Law Group, Inc practices family law exclusively. Our exceptional legal team provides all clients:

  • Zealous advocacy
  • Streamline and effective approach
  • Practiced in highly complex and intricate litigation matters

If you are facing a complicated family law matter across state lines, call the Baghdaserians Law Group, Inc today.

How Multi-State Issues in Pasadena Affect Your Divorce Proceedings?

It is important that you know moving out of state during your divorce proceedings will profoundly affect your case. Issues of marital property and child custody are some of the most contested family law matters.

According to statistics, while the marriage rate has grown, the population in California has steadily dropped.

The National Center for Health Statistics estimates that:

California courts favor keeping the family close enough in proximity to continue to foster the parental and child bond for both parents. If the state’s population continues to decline, there may be more multi-state issues to arise.

Before moving, consider the following:

  • If you move out of state before or during the divorce process, you may not receive your full share of the marital assets.
  • If you have children and move across stateliness before petitioning the court, you may be required to escort them back and wait for the judge to issue a child custody order

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The Baghdaserians Law Group, Inc has been helping Southern California residents for over a decade. We are proud to represent all families from all walks of life.

Our Pasadena multi-state issues attorneys are here to help you navigate the intricate nature of family law. We will fight to protect your rights and stand up for your best interests.

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