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One of the most difficult choices a person can make is to end their marriage. Whether the union lasted a few years or a few decades, deciding that your marital problems cannot be overcome is life-shattering.

Objective thinking is nearly impossible when dealing with a highly sensitive and emotional manner. A Pasadena divorce attorney can help. Our dedicated legal team will guide you through a complex legal system and protect your best interests.

When you need an advocate to aggressively fight on your behalf, call the Baghdaserians Law Group. Consult with one of our exceptional divorce lawyers from the Baghdaserians Law Group today and schedule your initial case evaluation by clicking here or calling (626) 460-9525.

Why You Should Hire the Baghdaserians Law Group?

Led by Certified Family Law Specialist Patrick Baghdaserians, the Baghdaserians Law Group is a law firm dedicated to family law mediation and litigation. For more than a decade, we have dedicated our practice to families, making hundreds of court appearances related to and involving virtually all aspects of family law. The experience and passion that our Pasadena divorce lawyers have for this field are what truly sets us apart from our competitors. During this time, we have garnered the respect of judges and peers, while obtaining positive results for our clients.

Firm Principal, Patrick Baghdaserians, understands and appreciates complex forensic accounting and formal discovery-related issues and has thus been previously appointed as a Special Magistrate (Discovery Referee) by the Los Angeles Superior Court. We have successfully propounded and pursued discovery rights against multiple large closely held corporations. Recently, we successfully pursued discovery rights against one of the largest closely held corporations located in Los Angeles County.

We also offer a unique level of experience in dependency law. Daniel Leonetti, one of our dedicated lawyers, has practiced dependency law for several years, during which, he garnered unparalleled experience dealing with highly sensitive and complex child custody and visitation issues. If you are in Pasadena and are in need of a skilled divorce attorneyBaghdaserians Law Group is here to help!.

Our Pasadena Divorce Attorneys Can Handle a Wide Range of Marital Issues

The Baghdaserians Law Group can handle all aspects of sophisticated and complex marital dissolution (divorce) issues, We understand that every family is unique. Our Pasadena divorce attorneys provide dedicated, personal service to every client.

We handle a diverse array of family law matters, including, but not limited to:

What Does Divorce Look Like in America?

A couple may decide to end their marriage for any number of reasons. Trends show the overall divorce rate remaining steady. However, over the last decade, people close to retirement or in retirement have been dissolving their marriages at higher rates.

  • On average, the US divorce rate has reached 2.7 per 1,000 people
  • More than 1 in 4 divorces involve people over 50
  • In the military, enlisted troops file for divorce at a rate of 3.5%

What Does Divorce Look Like in California?

It is important to know that California is a no-fault state, meaning that regardless of the grounds for divorce, all property and assets accumulated during the marriage will be split equally. Any assets acquired before the union, however, are considered to be separate property. Separate property is not subjected to be equally split.

Having experienced representation by your side can help you prove which assets were yours prior to your marriage, which assets were attained during the marriage, and any possible hidden assets. In some cases, forensic accountants may be able to help determine all assets available to be split.

At the Baghdaserians Law Group, property division is one of the most strenuous elements in a divorce. Retaining knowledgeable and trusted counsel will help you protect what is yours.

Contact a Divorce Lawyer in Pasadena to Protect Your Rights

While ending your marriage is difficult, it is important to protect yourself throughout the process. Filing a petition for divorce requires attention to detail, meeting deadlines, and following specific guidelines. A Pasadena divorce attorney can help you navigate the complexities of a divorce and aggressively fight for your best interests.

Whether you and your spouse are amicably separating or cannot find common ground, our skilled and knowledgeable attorneys can help you towards a fair resolution. Contact the Baghdaserians Law Group today and schedule your initial consultation by clicking here or calling (626) 460-9525.

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