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Child support and spousal support are among the main stressors when it comes to marriage dissolution. This is, in part, because all parents want is to be able to adequately take care of their children and themselves. Therefore, the need for strong experienced help at your side is crucial for your peace of mind.

Patrick Baghdaserians is a Pasadena child support and spousal support lawyer and family law specialist who also works in the Los Angeles area. Patrick Baghdaserians has over a decade of experience and is someone you want on your side when dealing with child support and spousal support issues.

Accessing the support that you need is critical to move forward with your life. When you need a dedicated Pasadena child and spousal support attorney to advocate for your rights in mediation or at court, Baghdaserians Law Group can help.

Child Support in Pasadena

The main concern of a parent is their child’s well-being, and receiving adequate child support is fundamental to accomplishing that. Whenever the support of a minor child or an adult child whom support is authorized for is at issue, the court may order either parent or both parents to pay any amount necessary for the child’s support.

In the majority of cases, the parent who has primary physical custody of the child will be the one to collect child support. The parent who does not have primary physical custody will often be ordered to pay child support to their child’s other parent. However, in cases where both spouses share custody of their children and have equal parenting time, it may be possible to avoid implementing a Pasadena child support order altogether.

A minor child is a child under eighteen years of age. An adult child for whom support is authorized is one who is an unmarried full-time high school student who is not self-supporting. For an adult child, support should be provided until the time the child turns nineteen (19) years of age or completes the 12th grade, whichever happens first.

The amount of child support set for one parent to receive is mathematically calculated. However, parents may stipulate a support amount that is below the uniform statewide support guideline if certain conditions are met and the court approves of the stipulation.

Some of the different factors that are taken into account when calculating the amount of a Pasadena child support order include:

  • Both parent’s income and living expenses.
  • Your existing child custody arrangement.
  • Whether either parent has other children.
  • Whether either parent has married or remarried.

If you have concerns that your child’s other parent could try to take advantage of you while trying to work out a child support agreement, you need a strong legal advocate on your side. Do not risk over-paying or losing out on the child support your child is entitled to by going into discussions without an attorney on your side.

You might also find yourself in need of a child support lawyer in Pasadena if you need to make modifications to your existing child support order. In order for your modification request to be granted, you will need to prove that doing so is in the best interests of your children. Requests for modifications can be granted when either of the child’s parents gets a raise, lose their job, or remarry.

Spousal Support in Pasadena Divorces

In addition to receiving adequate child support, it is important that one has the resources to adequately take care of themselves and is able to look out for their own well-being. Spousal support can be both temporary and long-term.

Temporary Spousal Support

Temporary support is available when a marriage dissolution action is pending. In this case, the court may order either spouse to pay any amount necessary for the support of the other spouse. Generally speaking, the higher-earning spouse will be ordered to provide the lesser-earning spouse with temporary support in order to maintain their standard of living and hire a divorce attorney.

With regard to determining the amount of temporary support, the support may be ordered in any amount based on the party that is receiving supports’ needs and the party that is paying the supports’ ability to pay. The main reason for having temporary spousal support is to allow the spouse that is receiving the support to live in her or her accustomed manner while the action is still pending.

Long-Term Spousal Support

On the other hand, when it comes to long-term support, the court may order a party to pay spousal support to the other party in any amount, and for any period of time, the court deems just and reasonable. When determining an appropriate amount of spousal support, the court bases its decision on the marital standard of living.

However, if both spouses both contributed to the marriage financially, and one spouse does not earn considerably more than the other, it is possible that the courts may elect to deny a request for long-term spousal support in Pasadena.

The court has wide discretion and may fix support at an amount greater than, equal to, or less than the amount the supported spouse may require to maintain the marital standard of living. In addition to the marital standard of living, the court considers other factors when determining an appropriate amount of spousal support.

For example, the court must consider about fourteen (14) circumstances. Within those fourteen (14) circumstances is included: (1) each party’s assets and obligations, (2) each party’s age and health, (3) the goal that the supported party is self-supporting within a reasonable amount of time, and much more.

If you suspect that your spouse is going to try to go after a considerable amount of alimony, or if you believe your spouse should be court-ordered to pay you spousal support, make sure you have an experienced spousal support lawyer in Pasadena to fight for your rights in court.

Get Help From a Child and Spousal Support Lawyer in Pasadena

Overall, the process of marriage dissolution can be very overwhelming. And the need for adequate support whether it be child support or spousal support is vital. Therefore, when deciding who to turn to it is important to have someone with experience on your side when dealing with child and spousal support.

Patrick Baghdaserians is an experienced Pasadena child and spousal support lawyer family law specialist who has dealt with an enormity of child and spousal support cases in his over a decade of experience. Regardless of the reason, divorce is challenging, do not make the process even more difficult on yourself and schedule a consultation with Patrick Baghdaserians.

When you are ready to exercise your rights in dealing with child and spousal support issues, contact Baghdaserians Law Group to schedule your initial case review. You can reach our office by phone at 626-460-9525. Or fill out our quick contact form and we will contact you to find out more about your child and spousal support troubles in Pasadena.

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