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Although it is usually bitterly challenged, spousal support is often awarded to the lower-earning spouse when a marriage is dissolved. Spousal support is generally determined at the conclusion of a legal separation or divorce, and it is usually litigated during divorce proceedings. Still, it can be sought and awarded after the divorce or separation concludes. Gender has nothing to do with who collects or who pays spousal support in the state of California.

As a general rule, courts first issue an order for temporary spousal support when a divorce case or separation proceedings commence. The court does not order permanent spousal support until it has a chance to look at the circumstances surrounding the couple’s finances. How much spousal support an individual receives is based on a brutally complicated formula.

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Factors Determining Spousal Support

While the courts look solely at the supporting partner’s ability to support the other partner and the needs of the other spouse when calculating temporary support obligations, permanent support is not assigned until a host of variables have been examined. These include:

  • How long the couple was married.
  • The income of both spouses.
  • The earning abilities of both spouses.
  • Expenses are paid by each spouse.
  • The standard of living that each party enjoyed while married.
  • The presence of any minor children living in the home with each spouse.
  • The mental and physical abilities of each spouse.
  • Each spouse’s age and health.

The court’s discretion when determining spousal support in California cases is wide. However, the court does expect that the supported partner works towards becoming self-sufficient within a reasonable period of time and may set the spousal support payments to run for a period of time that falls within that goal.

It is important to note that the length of time that spousal support is payable may boil down to how long the marriage lasted. Marriages that last at least 10 years are referred to as long-term marriages under the California code. The court gives more credence to long-term marriages than those that fail to meet the 10-year mark, at least in many cases. In cases where marriages last for 10 years or more, spousal support is generally awarded for a longer period of time.

Advocating for You

Getting back on your feet after a divorce can be difficult, to say the least. This is doubly true if you have become accustomed to financial support from your spouse. Our Glendale spousal support attorneys are here to help you pursue the spousal support that you deserve or collect the support that is due to you. Reach out to our team at the Baghdaserians Law Group, Inc. for an evaluation of your case by clicking here or calling 626-460-9525.

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