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Are you the custodial parent and interested in relocating to another part of the state or out of state? Is your child’s other parent moving outside of Glendale without your approval? In either situation, it is important to understand how California’s parental relocation laws work and take steps to act in the best interest of your children.

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California Parental Relocation Laws

Under California law, custodial parents can only relocate out of state when they have permission from the child’s other parent or the court to do so under California Family Code Section 7501. When a parent wants to relocate with their child, a new visitation or custody agreement will need to be reached and enforced by the judge.

It is important to keep in mind that relocation requests will only be granted if they are in the child’s best interests. Since the California family courts will only agree to requests that are not going to interfere with a child’s life, you can expect the court to analyze a parent’s reasons for wanting to relocate to determine how such a move could impact the child’s well-being.

Since California family law requires courts to ensure that both parents have an opportunity to maintain frequent and regular quality time with their child, proving that a relocation is in the child’s best interests may prove to be challenging.

How to Handle Parental Relocation in Glendale

If you are a parent hoping to move out of Glendale or the state of California, your parental relocation request will need to clearly show that such a move will not have an adverse impact on your child’s relationship with her other parent. Be prepared to provide the court with evidence that can support your claims, Such as communication records, photos, videos, and other evidence that could support your case.

If your child’s other parent is attempting to relocate your child out of Glendale or California, it is important to file a motion to object to their request in court. This way, you can take steps to prevent your child from being moved out of state without the permission of a judge.

Once your case has been brought before the judge, both parties will have an opportunity to argue their case. Of course, if both parents can come to an agreement about the relocation request prior to being brought before a judge, this may be in everyone’s best interests, as a judge does not know you or your family personally.

Get Help From a Glendale Parental Relocation Lawyer

Whether you are a parent hoping to relocate or challenge your child’s move, it is important to have a powerful Glendale parental relocation attorney at Baghdaserians Law Group, Inc. by your side.

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