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Grandparents naturally tend to enjoy seeing their grandchildren regularly. However, some parents may interfere with their ability to do so.

There are instances when parents have genuine and valid reasons for keeping a child away from their grandparents. That said, there are also instances when grandparents are unfairly prevented from visiting their grandchildren.

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Grandparents’ Rights in California: Essential Information

California law states that grandparents may ask courts to grant them “reasonable visitation” rights in regard to their grandchildren.

This does not mean courts always grant such rights when they are requested. To show a court that you deserve the opportunity to see your grandchildren to a reasonable degree, you must:

  • Establish that you and your grandchild have a pre-existing relationship strong enough to have “engendered a bond” between the two of you. The court’s main goal is to determine if the strength or nature of the bond is such that allowing you to have visitation rights is in the child’s best interests.
  • Ensure that if you are granted visitation rights, the degree to which you are allowed to see your grandchildren and be involved in their lives does not interfere with the rights of their parents to make key decisions about their children’s upbringing.

Grandparents usually won’t be granted visitation rights if the parents of their grandchildren are still married. Courts generally decide that granting visitation rights to grandparents in these circumstances would unreasonably prevent a child’s parents from exercising their right to decide whether allowing a grandparent to visit their grandchild is best for said child.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t exceptions. Even if a child’s parents are married, courts may grant visitation rights to grandparents if:

  • The parents live separately;
  • The parties involved do not know where one of the parents currently resides, provided the missing parent has been missing for at least one month;
  • One of the parents officially supports the grandparents’ petition for visitation rights;
  • The child in question is not currently living with either parent;
  • A stepparent has adopted the grandchild in question.

Being granted visitation rights can be a complex process that requires a grandparent to either prove that one of the conditions above has been sufficiently met, or that allowing a child to see their grandparents on a consistent basis would be best for the child. It’s also worth noting that even if the conditions above apply and a grandparent is permitted to visit their grandchild if conditions change, parents can ask the court to terminate a grandparent’s visitation rights.

This is not meant to discourage any grandparents from seeking the legal right to visit their grandchildren. It’s meant to highlight the importance of coordinating with the experts at a reputable Glendale grandparents’ rights law firm in these circumstances. A lawyer can help you gather such evidence as video footage or photos demonstrating a loving relationship between you and your grandchildren, eyewitness accounts from relevant individuals, and even statements from your grandchild showing the court why you deserve the right to visit them.

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