Glendale Divorce Attorneys

Realizing that your marriage is over can be scary. There is a lot riding on your divorce—the decisions you make now will follow you and your children for the rest of your lives. Having the right Glendale divorce attorney by your side can help you prepare for your divorce and ensure that your best interests and those of your children are served.

As many as half of all marriages ultimately end in divorce. The Glendale divorce attorneys with the Baghdaserians Law Group, Inc. have trusted advocates for would-be divorcees. We have more than a decade of experience handling divorce and other family law matters, and we have become accustomed to the nuances of the Glendale courts. Our attorneys are well-versed negotiators who are not afraid to go toe-to-toe with the other party in your case if the need arises.

Reach out to our compassionate Glendale divorce attorneys for the counsel and representation you need to make it through this trying chapter in your life. Click here or call 626-460-9525 to arrange a case evaluation now.

How Our Glendale Divorce Attorneys Help

Divorce is a messy, complicated, emotionally charged process, mainly because divorces usually involve two things that people are passionate about: children and money. When it comes to getting a divorce, a mistake now can cost you big time later. Our experienced and seasoned Glendale divorce attorneys handle all aspects of your divorce case, from start to finish. This includes:

  • Discuss your situation in-depth to determine the best strategy going forward.
  • Filing all legal documents with the court regarding your divorce and child custody cases.
  • Negotiating with your spouse’s attorney regarding marital property division, division of both assets and liabilities, child and spousal support and maintenance, child custody, visitation, and parenting plans, and other related legal matters.
  • Helping you with sensitive issues such as restraining orders or domestic violence petitions.
  • Attending all court appearances with you or on your behalf, from the initial hearing going forward.

Whenever possible and especially when children are involved, the typical goal is an amicable divorce with terms that both parties can agree upon. This makes things more civil and less stressful for the children. However, every action that we take for our divorce clients is in their best interest and based on their wishes.

Once your divorce is over, you can still count on our Glendale divorce attorneys for help. After a divorce, our team can step in if you need to seek the modification of an order or file a petition for relocation to another area or state, for example.

You Are Not Alone

Getting divorced is one of the most stressful events that you will ever experience, but you are not alone. The Baghdaserians Law Group, Inc. and our Glendale divorce attorneys want to help you close this ugly chapter in your life and find a fresh footing for a new beginning. Click here or call 626-460-9525 to arrange for an evaluation of your case now.

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