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In California, when two people divorce each other, if the financial circumstances of one spouse differ substantially from those of the other, the spouse who earns more money and/or has more sources of income may be ordered to pay spousal support (also known as alimony) to their ex when the marriage ends. However, spousal support payments do not necessarily continue forever.

Are you currently paying spousal support that you believe should no longer continue? Or, are you receiving spousal support payments you rely on, and have learned your ex is attempting to stop making them?

In either case, you need effective legal representation. Contact a Beverly Hills support termination attorney at Baghdaserians Law Group to ensure your rights are protected.

Beverly Hills Support Termination Cases: Types of Spousal Support in California

Spousal support comes in a variety of forms in our state. Common examples include:

  • Temporary spousal support: Someone may be ordered to pay temporary spousal support during the divorce process to ensure the spouse who makes less money can cover living expenses.
  • Rehabilitative spousal support: This form of spousal support allows a spouse who is in a less stable financial situation to ensure their needs are met until they reach a stage in which they can provide for themselves.
  • Permanent spousal support: Permanent alimony or spousal support is sometimes awarded when marriage was long-term and factors such as age or medical conditions can limit the lower-earning spouse’s ability to improve their financial situation.

How Long Does Spousal Support Last in Beverly Hills, CA?

A judge will account for numerous factors when determining the duration of spousal support. They include:

  • The length of the marriage
  • Domestic abuse
  • Whether two spouses have children together
  • Whether the spouse seeking alimony elected to stay home and focus on raising the children, sacrificing their professional ambitions to do so
  • Whether the spouse seeking alimony supported the other when they were attending school or taking advantage of a potential career opportunity
  • Outstanding debts, assets, property, etc.
  • The ages and health of both spouses

How Spousal Support May be Terminated in Beverly Hills

A spouse making alimony payments can petition the court for termination of a spousal support order whenever they wish. Whether their request will be granted depends on multiple factors.

For example, if a marriage was not particularly long, after a reasonable amount of time has elapsed, a court may agree that spousal support payments can stop. On the other hand, courts can choose to extend the length of spousal support if doing so appears necessary.

Again, whether you are petitioning the court for termination of spousal support or your ex is, presenting your case as effectively as possible is much easier to do when you have assistance from a qualified legal professional. The experts at our Beverly Hills support termination law firm are on hand to help you navigate this potentially complex situation.

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