Beverly Hills Pre and Post Marital Agreement Attorney

Not all marriages last forever. Although you might not want to think about the possibility of your marriage ending in divorce, it can happen.

Thus, you may wish to protect certain assets with a pre-marital agreement or a post-marital agreement. If so, a pre and post marital agreement attorney at Baghdaserians Law Group, Inc., can help ensure your agreement is ideal for both you and your spouse before you officially enter into it.


Beverly Hills Pre-Marital Agreements and Beverly Hills Post-Marital Agreements: What’s the Difference?

As the names imply, a pre-marital agreement is one you enter into before you get married, while a post-marital agreement is one you enter into after getting married. However, both agreements generally address such issues as the distribution of property if a marriage ends in a divorce.

Beverly Hills Pre-Marital Agreements: What You Need to Know

Marriage is a major legal commitment. As with all legal commitments, it’s wise to prepare ahead of time before entering into what is essentially a binding contract. This is particularly true when approximately half of all marriages end in divorce.

The specific issues your pre-marital agreement will address can depend on the specifics of your circumstances and goals. A Beverly Hills pre-marital agreement attorney will work with you to ensure your pre-marital agreement is thorough and tailored to your wishes.

In general, though, a pre-marital agreement defines which assets will be kept separate in a marriage. It also covers how assets may be distributed if a couple eventually gets a divorce. Additionally, a pre-marital agreement can guard against a spouse taking on debts another spouse may have incurred before they got married. This means a pre-marital agreement can actually help prevent disputes in a marriage.

Beverly Hills Post-Marital Agreements: Essential Information

You have not necessarily deprived yourself of the ability to take advantage of the benefits a pre-marital agreement offers if you have already gotten married without first entering into such an agreement. A post-marital agreement can serve essentially the same purpose as a pre-marital agreement, separating certain assets and property so that they belong exclusively to one spouse.

There are various reasons spouses may decide to draft and enter into a post-marital agreement even after being married for several years. For example, one spouse may unexpectedly inherit a large sum of money or estate. Or, another spouse might grow a business and wish for it to remain solely theirs.

Regardless, it doesn’t matter how long a couple has been married: they can enter into a post-marital agreement at any time. However, as with entering into a pre-marital agreement, ensuring the agreement is thorough and legally binding requires professional assistance. Coordinate with the experts at our Beverly Hills post-marital agreement law firm to feel confident in the strength of your post-marital agreement.

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If you are planning on getting married and wish to enter into a pre-marital agreement first, or you are already married, and now realize it may be wise to enter into a post-marital agreement, our team of pre and post marital agreement attorneys in Beverly Hills can walk you through every step of the process. Learn more by contacting us online or calling 310-299-4608 to schedule your consultation.

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