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Getting a divorce tends to be a difficult experience for a number of reasons. This experience can be particularly challenging when you have been a victim of domestic violence.

If you’re divorcing someone who has abused you in any capacity, enlist the help of a lawyer qualified to handle cases like yours. A Beverly Hills domestic violence attorney at Baghdaserians Law Group, Inc. can provide sensitive representation tailored to your unique needs and circumstances.

What to Do if You Are a Victim of Domestic Violence

If you are a victim of domestic violence and have reason to believe you may be in immediate danger, it’s important to take action fast. This is particularly true if you have children.

Steps to take include the following:

  • Find a safe place to stay. Because you are a domestic violence victim, your own home likely is not a safe environment. Instead of staying there, call a friend or relative and ask if you can stay with them. If this is not an option, try to find a hotel or motel room in a safe and convenient location. Your main goal is to ensure your abuser does not know where you are residing.
  • Document your injuries, property damage, and any other signs or instances of domestic violence that you have been the victim of. This may involve taking pictures and writing down detailed descriptions of your experiences. If you have been physically abused, be sure to see a doctor as soon as possible.
  • Contact a Beverly Hills domestic violence attorney to ensure your rights are protected. During a free consultation with one of the experts at our Beverly Hills domestic violence law firm, we will review the details of your case and explain in greater detail how we may be able to assist you during this challenging time.

Examples of Domestic Violence in Beverly Hills

Domestic violence does not always need to consist purely of physical violence. Other forms of domestic violence in California may include (but are not necessarily limited to) the following:

  • Giving you a reason to fear that you or others will be in physical danger at any point in the future
  • Threatening or harassing you in person, over the phone, through email, etc.
  • Stalking
  • Destroying your property
  • Isolating you or attempting to control who you contact and/or interact with
  • Attempting to regulate your movements or daily routine/habits
  • Depriving you of your needs

Again, those are just a few examples. If you have any suspicion that the mistreatment which you have experienced constitutes a form of domestic violence, be certain to seek any assistance you may need. If you are in the process of getting a divorce, discuss this topic with your attorney as well. It’s critical that your attorney understand you have been the victim of domestic violence. They can not only help protect you but also ensure that this factor is properly accounted for throughout the divorce proceedings.

Contact a Beverly Hills Domestic Violence Attorney Today

If you have been the victim of domestic violence and plan to divorce your abuser (or you are already in the process of divorcing them), get in touch with a Beverly Hill domestic violence attorney at Baghdaserians Law Group, Inc. today. We will handle your case with the sensitive but thorough approach it deserves. For more information about how we can help, contact us online or call us at (310) 299-4608 to schedule a consultation.

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