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Many decisions must be made when two individuals divorce one another in California. If children are involved, one critical decision that must be made before a divorce can be finalized is who will pay child support and how much they will pay.

Ensuring you receive the child support payments you are entitled to or making modifications to existing child support payment agreements can be a complex process, but it doesn’t need to be. At the Baghdaserians Law Group, Inc. our Beverly Hills child support attorneys can assist you in these emotionally fraught matters.

What You Need to Know About Child Support Cases in Beverly Hills

When two parents divorce one another in California, it’s important to ensure that the children’s well-being remains provided for. This is why courts will order parents to pay child support. Usually, child support is only paid when minor children are involved, but there are instances when courts may determine child support payments are also necessary to ensure an adult child receives the support they may still need.

Sometimes courts order one parent to pay child support. When this happens, the custodial parent will typically be the one to receive child support payments. Because they are the parent most actively and regularly involved in their child’s upbringing on a day-to-day basis, they often deserve to receive payments from the non-custodial parent to help them pay for food, housing, and other expenses that may serve a child’s needs.

Circumstances can change when parents share custody of the children. In some cases, a court will order both parents to make child support payments. That said, in instances when parents share custody, child support orders may not be necessary at all. A Beverly Hills child support attorney can help you better understand how or why a child support order may be implemented in your particular case. They will also explain who may be required to make child support payments and how much they may be expected to pay.

How Child Support Is Calculated in Beverly Hills

Courts will account for a variety of factors when calculating how much a parent may have to pay in child support. Factors that come into play include the following:

  • The income of both parents
  • The living expenses of both parents
  • Any other children a parent may have from previous marriages or relationships

Child support payments can also be modified for several reasons. For example, if a custodial parent remarries, they may no longer need to receive child support payments, or they may at least not need to receive payments in the same amount that they previously had. The assumption is often that their new spouse will now be involved in providing financial support. Similar changes in the financial circumstances of either parent can also influence whether child support payments need to be modified.

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