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When you are married, your property does not necessarily belong exclusively to you. Many forms of property are considered to be shared between an individual and their spouse in a marriage. This can result in complications and disputes when a marriage ends in divorce.

The goal of California family courts is to ensure that property is divided equally between two spouses when they choose to divorce one another. Achieving this goal can be more difficult than some initially realize. This is one of many reasons to hire a lawyer to guide you through your divorce. A Beverly Hills property division attorney with Baghdaserians Law Group can help you keep the property you deserve.

What You Need to Know About Property Division in Beverly Hills

Family courts sort property into different categories when dividing it between divorcing spouses. These categories include the following:

  • Community property
  • Separate property

Community property generally refers to property that was acquired during a marriage. For example, if you bought a home after you got married, that home would usually be considered community property. Additionally, for property to qualify as community property in our state, it will likely have been acquired while a spouse was living in California.

Separate property is a property that was acquired before marriage. Other forms of property that may be regarded as separate property during a divorce include:

  • Property that was gifted to or inherited by a spouse
  • Property that was acquired after two spouses separated
  • Property that was generated by the separate property, such as rents

Spouses can also enter into prenuptial or postnuptial agreements to specify that certain types or items of property can be deemed separate property when they might otherwise qualify as community property.

In some complex scenarios, property may also be considered quasi-community or quasi-marital. This may happen if the property was acquired by a spouse who was not living in California at the time of acquisition. Additionally, property may be considered to be quasi-community or quasi-marital if it can be argued that a marriage was not actually valid when the property was acquired. Disputes tend to arise when at least one spouse had reason to believe that the marriage was valid when a certain property was acquired. In these potentially confusing situations, it is extremely important to have representation from a legal expert who understands the nuances of such cases.

Contact a Beverly Hills Property Division Attorney

Numerous aspects of the divorce process can be complex and overwhelming if you lack experience handling these matters personally or professionally. Dividing property between yourself and your spouse is among the more complicated steps in a divorce.

None of this is meant to intimidate you. It is simply meant to highlight the importance of enlisting a qualified legal professional’s help in these circumstances. Patrick Baghdaserians of Baghdaserians Law Group is an experienced Beverly Hills property division attorney who can provide you with the assistance you need, optimizing the odds that property will be divided fairly and appropriately. Learn more about how our team can help by contacting us online or calling us at (310) 299-4608 to schedule a consultation.

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