Three Essential Benefits of Child Custody Mediation

When two parents get a divorce in California, if they are not able to agree on who should have custody of their children, they must first go through the process of mediation. If the matter cannot be resolved through mediation, only then can both parents present their cases to a judge.

It’s important to take the mediation process seriously. Resolving these issues through mediation instead of trying to address them in court can be extremely beneficial for many reasons. The following are among the more noteworthy:

Minimal Stress

This is one of the top benefits of mediation for both parents and their children when there is a dispute regarding child custody. When these matters must be resolved in the courtroom, it is not uncommon for tempers to flare. The result is an adversarial dynamic that can cause parents and their children to experience much unnecessary stress.

That’s less likely to be the case when these issues are handled through mediation. Mediation involves striving to come to an arrangement that is fair for everyone involved. A mediator will work with both parties to guard against anyone’s rights being violated. This approach to the process of determining who should have custody of the children when two parents get a divorce can result in a much calmer experience for all parties.

Better Odds of Cooperation in the Future

Mediation often helps two parents establish a reasonably friendly and civil relationship when handling matters regarding child custody. Ideally, mediation also ensures parents arrive at a custody arrangement that is reasonably satisfying to both. When this happens, the chances that parents will be able to get along in the future while discussing issues regarding their children’s upbringing tend to be much higher.

That’s an important point. Handling matters related to one’s children in cooperation with an ex-spouse may be a long-term process for both parents. Mediation can set a tone that allows for easier cooperation and communication over the years.

Saving Time & Money

This may be a more practical benefit of child custody mediation than those mentioned above, but it nevertheless deserves to be included on this list. Quite simply, the more time it takes to resolve a child custody disagreement, the more money will need to be spent. This adds to the stress parents may experience during what is already a challenging experience. Added stress can make communicating in a healthy manner even more difficult than it already is. Luckily, if mediation is successful and effective, two divorcing parents can often save a lot of time and money.

All that said, it’s important to have an attorney on your side during the mediation process. While a mediator’s goal may be to remain neutral, you still need to protect yourself by hiring an attorney committed to protecting your rights.

That’s exactly what you will find at Baghdaserians Law Group, Inc, offering family law services to clients in Pasadena, Beverly Hills, and the surrounding areas. If you are entering child custody mediation, contact us online to learn more about what we can do for you.

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