What To Do When Your Former Spouse Refuses to Pay Child Support

In the aftermath of a divorce, building a new life can seem overwhelming. Former spouses can still be angry, especially if the divorce proceedings did not go as they hopped.

When there are custody disputes, sometimes the non-custodial parent may show anger by delaying or refusing to pay child support. If you are the custodial parent and are owed back child support, you have options.

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There are Billions of Dollars of Unpaid Child Support Every Year

If refusing to pay child support is a criminal offense, why do so many parents continue not to pay?

According to an article by CBS News:

  • Approximately $10 billion in child support goes uncollected
  • Less than half of couples have a custodial order for child support
  • The poverty rate for custodial mothers is more than 29% and 17% for custodial fathers

Unpaid child support has a detrimental effect on families. Still, aren’t there are agencies in place to help?

In California, there are a few avenues to ensure receipt of payments. For example, a judge can approve the non-custodial parent’s wages garnished. However, according to a recent article, the state has been keeping its share.

53-year-old Estes owes $47,000 in child support. Much of the amount is due to the high interest. According to ABC News, “California is keeping an unusually high portion of the child support payments – more than 3 ½ times the national average.”

  • California retains 14% of total collections
  • The national average is 3.8%

If you are owed back child support and are unsure of the next step, please consult an experienced child support lawyer today. Every family has a unique situation. Our knowledgeable and skilled legal team can discuss all the options at your disposal.

How You Can Collect the Child Support You Are Owed in Pasadena

Firstly, it is imperative that you have a court order for child support. If you and the non-custodial parent have a verbal agreement, you will need to take the necessary steps to obtain an agreement in writing and have it approved by the court.

Once a court order is in place, a judge can enforce child support by the following methods:

  • Hold the non-paying parent in “contempt” of court
  • Fine the delinquent parent up to $1,000 or sentence them to 5 days in jail
  • Sentence the non-paying parent to community service
  • Order the delinquent parent to pay the custodial parent’s attorney fees
  • Order the delinquent parent’s property to be sold to pay the support
  • Have the non-paying parent’s wages, bank account, pension, veteran’s disability, community property, social security benefits, and more garnished to cover the back child support

It is important to note, if the delinquent parent does not have the funds, the court will not hold them in contempt. If you are the custodial parent and are owed back child support, contact the Baghdaserians Law Group, Inc today.

Call a Child Support Attorney in Pasadena

The esteemed staff of Baghdaserians Law Group, Inc is here for you. We believe in fighting for the rights of parents and children in our community. Every child has a right to a happy, healthy life. Child support helps ensure their security, education, and well-being. When a parent refuses or delays child support payments, they place their child’s needs in jeopardy.

Fight for your rights and the rights of your children today and call a Pasadena child support attorney. Contact the Baghdaserians Law Group, Inc and schedule a case evaluation by clicking here or calling (626) 460-9525.

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