Documenting Domestic Violence: 3 Essential Tips

Being the victim of domestic violence is an experience no one should have to endure. Unfortunately, domestic violence is relatively common.

It’s also important for victims to understand that physical abuse is not the only form domestic violence can take. Other forms of domestic violence include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Harassment
  • Stalking
  • Controlling a person’s actions
  • Controlling who someone interacts or communicates with
  • Depriving a victim of their basic needs
  • Giving a victim or potential victim reason to fear for their personal safety or the personal safety of others

If you have been the victim of domestic violence, this may be a significant factor in any future divorce proceedings. It’s wise to enlist the help of a qualified domestic violence attorney who has experience working with victims like yourself when separating from or divorcing a partner or spouse who has committed any of the above forms of abuse.

Building your case against them will be easier if you have properly documented instances of domestic violence. The following are several ways in which you might do so:

Seek Medical Attention and Take Pictures of Your Injuries

Again, a person does not need to physically abuse you to be guilty of committing domestic violence. However, if they have physically assaulted you, be sure to take pictures of your injuries and see a doctor right away after you have been harmed.

Contact the Police

Reaching out to law enforcement during or in the immediate aftermath of an instance in which a partner is committing a form of domestic violence can be a frightening prospect. You might worry the police will not take you seriously. It’s understandable if you fear that when they leave, your abuser will be even angrier, resulting in worse abuse.

That’s why you should always be prepared to stay with a friend or family member if abuse is occurring. If you don’t have anyone with whom to stay, head to a motel or hotel after the police have arrived and thoroughly investigated the abuse. Reporting an incident of abuse to the police will help you build the strongest possible case against your abuser when you go to court later.

Document Property Damage

Even if someone doesn’t physically assault you, they are still committing a form of domestic violence if they destroy your property. Just as you would take pictures of your injuries after being assaulted, take pictures of any property damage resulting from an abuser’s actions. You might also consider estimating the value of the property that was destroyed. An attorney can assist you with this task if it is determined to be necessary.

In general, you should also draft narratives of any instances of abuse that occur. This may be an emotionally challenging task. However, it will provide you with a strong advantage when separating from or divorcing your abuser.

Contact a Beverly Hills Domestic Violence Attorney

You don’t have to pursue justice on your own if you have been abused in a relationship with a partner, spouse, family member, or anyone else with whom you may share a dwelling. Protect your rights by hiring a Beverly Hills domestic violence attorney at Baghdaserians Law Group. Learn more about what we can do for you by contacting us online or calling us at 310-299-4608 to schedule a free consultation.

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