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Why Premarital Agreements Aren’t Merely for Couples With Sizable Assets

Entering into a premarital agreement is a wise decision for many reasons. A premarital agreement can help couples avoid future conflict by allowing them to agree upon certain critical issues before they are officially married. However, some mistakenly assume that premarital agreements are only for those with high net worths or substantial assets. That’s not Read the full blog…

What Happens When a Parent Moves Away and You Have Joint Custody?

Custody cases can be stressful for both the parents and the children. They can become even more strenuous when one parent decides to move. This issue has become more prevalent in our society, especially in California courts. These cases are governed by various statutes and laws that are continually changing. Typically, anything greater than 50 Read the full blog…

Cohabitating As An Unmarried Couple

Cohabitation is when two people decide to live together but are not legally married. Generally, cohabitation is an agreement between partners to reside together without any legal responsibility or obligation towards one another. Some partners choose to have a cohabitation agreement, which is a contract outlining the property and financial rights between the couples. Though, Read the full blog…

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