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Divorce Rate is on the Decline in the United States

It is frequently said that approximately half of all marriages in the United States end in divorce. The truth is more complex. Essentially, there is no official consensus on how common divorce is in our country. Different statistical analyses yield different results. Additionally, although it is commonly believed that divorce has become increasingly common in Read the full blog…

More Young Americans Getting Prenups

Entering into a prenuptial (or pre-marital) agreement before getting married is a wise decision virtually all couples should consider. If a marriage does end in divorce, a prenuptial agreement can simplify the divorce process and ensure that certain assets and property are not divided up between the two spouses. However, there’s reason to believe that Read the full blog…

Filing a Divorce When You and Your Spouse Live in Different States

When matters in divorce fall under the jurisdiction of various states, the situation becomes much more complicated. Even if one spouse is currently residing in California, if the other spouse has been residing in another state for six months or more, complex issues like property distribution, custody, and support may arise. In these circumstances, each Read the full blog…

How Is Property Divided In A California Divorce?

When a marriage or domestic partnership ends in California, the splitting couple will have to divide up the property (and debt) they have. Each person may have had the property that they owned before and brought into the union. They may also have acquired property jointly or each by themselves during the marriage or partnership. Read the full blog…

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