What are Your Custody and Visitation Rights After Divorce?

In California, any parent can have sole custody, or the parents can share custody. A court is likely to approve the parenting plan that both parents agree to; however, the court makes the final decision on custody and visitation. If the parents are unable to reach an agreement, a judge will make a decision during Read the full blog…

What To Do When Your Former Spouse Refuses to Pay Child Support

In the aftermath of a divorce, building a new life can seem overwhelming. Former spouses can still be angry, especially if the divorce proceedings did not go as they hopped. When there are custody disputes, sometimes the non-custodial parent may show anger by delaying or refusing to pay child support. If you are the custodial Read the full blog…

How Is Property Divided In A California Divorce?

When a marriage or domestic partnership ends in California, the splitting couple will have to divide up the property (and debt) they have. Each person may have had the property that they owned before and brought into the union. They may also have acquired property jointly or each by themselves during the marriage or partnership. Read the full blog…

Cohabitating As An Unmarried Couple

Cohabitation is when two people decide to live together but are not legally married. Generally, cohabitation is an agreement between partners to reside together without any legal responsibility or obligation towards one another. Some partners choose to have a cohabitation agreement, which is a contract outlining the property and financial rights between the couples. Though, Read the full blog…

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